DF Classes

DF Classes
Urban Dance ®️

In Urban Dance; Hip Hop, Street Dance, Popping, House, Locking, and Contemporary are taken as a basis of the foundations and moves with popular hip hop and R&B kinds of music. Urban Dance became widespread with the videos that shared in social media such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Urban Dance that founded and leads by Ömer Yeşilbaş, gained awareness in a short time all around the world.

High Heels Dance ®️

In High Heels Dance; Street Jazz, Jazz, Funk and Jazz Funk movements are taken as a basis. It remains posture, attitude, confidence in the forefront, and it combines technic, aesthetics with art. High Heels Dance that founded and leads by Çisil Sıkı, gained awareness in a short time all around the world.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop Dance is a dance style that occurred from Hip Hop culture and Hip Hop music in 70s Bronx, New York. It represents freedom, learning, and improvement in their movements.


House Dance is a dance style that occurred from parties in Chicago and New York, in the late 70s and the beginning 80s. House Dance influenced by several types of movement, such as Tap, Latin dance, African dance. House Dance is about improvisation, freedom, and feeling.


Dancehall is a dance style that occured by freestyle moves in Jamaica. It represents African culture, dance style, music style and African fashion so that Dancehall became a lifestyle for Dancehall dancers.


In between 60s and 80s it occured by a group of African – American and Latino dancers who left-off organized a ‘Ball Room’ by themselves. It inspired from pantomime’s, Egyptian hieroglyphs, and Vogue Magazine’s poses which started from various style of poses and walkings in BallRoom culture. In Vogue, feminine moves, arms, and wrists remain in the forefront and walking, flexibility attract the attention.

Street Jazz

Street Jazz is a fusion that consists mainly of Contemporary dance, Hip Hop dance, and Jazz dance. It was improved by Hip Hop dance. In Street Jazz, turns, poses, and balances attract attention.

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